Yellower Pastures


I enjoyed photographing Ariel again in the pasture with buttercups …0ar1ab

Yellower Pastures in Black and White…


I am always considering post-processing in an image–before I take the shot, during the shot, and sometimes long after the shot has been taken. When I view images these days, I pay as much attention to how it was processed as I pay attention to anything else about it. I have been experimenting with some new processing techniques. I am going for something rich, bold, and detailed. I also want it to look convincing, but not completely realistic. Any thoughts?




Late Night Experiment


I took this shot about 30 minutes ago, after 11pm.  f5, ISO 100, 5 seconds. I used two flashes–one on camera and one off. The off camera flash is behind her, lighting up her hair and outlining her shoulders. Pretty much everything I tried in this shot was new to me. I used radio triggers for the flashes–never done it before today. Pocket Wizard Plus iii is the brand I am using. They are super easy to get going, but the flash has to be on manual–no TTL. I also used rear curtain sync mode. This allowed me to slow my shutter speed down to 5 seconds while keeping her in focus. The flash fires at the very end. It was not pitch black, but pretty close. I used the porch light, which was about twenty feet away. I needed a little light to focus her. Even with 5 seconds, the background is still pretty dark. I live in the country and there are no close street lights. I think that streak of light coming towards her was from a car … Anyway, I want to try more of this sort of thing at dusk–when there is a bit more ambient light.