Hacked Throat In the Woods

My daughter’s latest creation–the hacked throat. She did this makeup by using latex, toilet tissue, and fake blood. I suggested we stage the photo a bit more. Unfortunately, we do not have an axe. I think an axe would have looked better than the knife. So this shot is the beginning of her portfolio. Depending upon what creepy makeup she creates in the future it may or may not  end up in the final portfolio. This fall she is going out to LA and touring the Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood. That’s the program she wants to get into, eventually. She’s only a freshman, so a lot can still happen as far as what she wants to do, but I think she’s off to a good start if this is the direction she decides to go.

Here are the two best shots:
With Flash


Without Flash


I am leaning on the one with flash. It just has a more horror movie feel to it. What do you think?




Contrasty Color vs B&W

Normally, I go for B&W in photos with a strong, angular light and lots of contrast, but lately I am finding I really like the look of contrasty color in certain lighting situations. So here are both versions. I think B&W conveys a certain nostalgia in photography, and sometimes can be seen as more “artful,” but I’m not entirely convinced of that. Oh, and for the record, my husband NEVER irons his shirts. Perfectly pressed clothing is utterly alien to him unless he is picking up his dry-cleaning, lol.

First, the B&W …




Contrasty Color …




And here are the shots side by side …


What do you think? Do you prefer one over the other, and why?