Lemonte is probably one of the easiest people I have ever photographed. I met him at the baseball game. I asked if I could take his photo and he immediately set down his nachos, peeled off his backpack, and took a step back–waiting for the cue. I was impressed. Lemonte is in 7th grade. He does not play baseball, but he plans on playing football next year. Isn’t he a cutie?

The Boys of Great Wolf: Serious and at Play








This weekend, I took six 13-14 year olds to Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor waterpark. The boys slept in one room with my husband and the girls slept in another room with me. The boys were pretty well behaved, at least given their age. They all got rowdy at night–boys and girls. It is as if some switch was pulled at about 9 p.m. and they all went wild. There were periods in the late afternoon when they would relax and decompress. I called this the calm before the storm. That is when I chose to get the serious portraits. Cameron’s was a little later in the day, so the lighting was a bit more dusky. Overall, it was a fun weekend with the kids, and an experience to have boys for a whole weekend since I only have a daughter.

The People

I’ve been going through my July folders today, picking out images that never made it to the blog for one reason or another. I took a lot of photos in July. I went on a few trips, to a bodybuilding show, to the beach, and I met some new people and visited ones I hadn’t seen for a while. Some of these people I know very personally, some I don’t know at all.

My husband,  Jack. He photographs best when talking about political scandals or celebrity gossip.

Michael and Caroline broke up two days after I took this shot. She said he was being mean.

A little girl at the horse farm.

Some kids shoveling hay at the horse farm.

My daughter and her two friends at the park. 

Jack’s old college buddy who still lives in Chapel Hill.

Nice kid working at Sweet Frog who let me take his picture!

The End