Contrasty Color vs B&W

Normally, I go for B&W in photos with a strong, angular light and lots of contrast, but lately I am finding I really like the look of contrasty color in certain lighting situations. So here are both versions. I think B&W conveys a certain nostalgia in photography, and sometimes can be seen as more “artful,” but I’m not entirely convinced of that. Oh, and for the record, my husband NEVER irons his shirts. Perfectly pressed clothing is utterly alien to him unless he is picking up his dry-cleaning, lol.

First, the B&W …




Contrasty Color …




And here are the shots side by side …


What do you think? Do you prefer one over the other, and why?


10 thoughts on “Contrasty Color vs B&W

  1. I am partial to bw in portrait work. In this case, even though the color is close to monochromatic and both versions work well I think the bw gives the pictures a noirish feel and mood which I love.

  2. I nearly always prefer b&w portraits, but these colour shots are really something. The colour seems to add to the emotional punch, which i think is quite unusual. They are all great, of course!

    • Thanks, Richard! Even in the color shots, there’s not really much color. It’s a very limited color palette. It almost acts like a b&w … hmm … thanks!

  3. I’m also very partial to monochrome portraits… but I think the colour shot of your husband standing up is better in colour. The lighting and tones of the spot are lost in the monochrome version. On the flip side, I prefer the monochrome shot of him sitting down; the colours look a bit blown out on the colour version and so the B&W looks softer and less harsh.

  4. Both shots have a contemplative feel. While both versions gives a sense of your husband in serious thought, I think most would be drawn to the B&W version.

    About shirts, they would wrinkle anyway, ironed or not. 🙂


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