Little Blizzard

sno1 sno1a sno1ab

Took the new camera out into the snow today! Not for very long, though, lol. Both me and my daughter are total wimps when it comes to the cold. She may even be worse than me. At one point, she was shedding tears because the sky’s whiteness made her eyes water!

Still loving the D810.


5 thoughts on “Little Blizzard

  1. The comment about her tears is really funny. Now that the sun is coming back up here, some of Lindsay’s 4th graders are complaining about the sun hurting their eyes. Haha. Put them in the dark for a few months and they become cave dwellers. 🙂 Well, your daughter is doing a great job hiding her discomfort for your camera. Hey, the minimalist blog is really, really appealing!


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