Gory Portrait


Many mothers with teenage girls understand and can relate to that phase where they play with makeup. Standing in front of the mirror for hours, trying on ten different lip glosses. Well, my daughter likes to play with makeup in a different way … she likes horror makeup. And she creates all these different scary makeup jobs, so I told her we should start photographing them. She really wants to help out with the makeup at this year’s Zombie Walk. And she’s been looking into colleges for special fx makeup. I’m trying to talk her into going to art camp this summer at the NC School of the Arts … they have several programs for teens. Anyway, it’s interesting because her personality isn’t dark or emo at all. She’s this cute bubbly teen who just likes to gore herself out in the bathroom every night.

6 thoughts on “Gory Portrait

    • Thanks, Dave! She gets very creative with them and uses just ordinary stuff around the house to give the wounds realism. She uses bits of paper and stuff for texture and to build them up.


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