Meet Lacy

This is “Lacy” our new mare! Actually, it is Caroline’s mare, for her birthday. Lacy is a registered paint/pinto. She has one blue eye and one brown eye. Mostly white with brown ears, tail, and patches of brown on her back, chest as well as a few freckles. Solid temperament–extremely patient but still spirited. She is not at the farm yet. We are keeping her at the previous owners stable for about a month because she rides a bit differently, and I want them to get to know each other before we move her. 0DSC_2616










6 thoughts on “Meet Lacy

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous mare! She is so very lovely with her fine features and beautiful configuration. I love the brown on her. All of the photos are fine, but that last one is priceless. Your daughter will always treasure it especially. As will you when she is all grown up and away from home. I still have one of Kelli and her horse when she was about twelve. I absolutely love these, Jennifer.


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