Three Freshman




My daughter had a Spring Break bonfire last night. These boys came to the party. It is interesting to me that they are still kids, but dealing with adult problems now, and understanding that they are in fact “problems.” One of the boys is on medication for behavioral issues. Another lost his mother less than a year ago. I had to deal with adult problems at this age too, so I empathize. The boys were very well behaved and I think they enjoyed the bonfire. I enjoyed talking to them.

11 thoughts on “Three Freshman

  1. It is a strange age…not to be little anymore, not to be really adult…my daughter has this age…it is not easy, but they all will go their own way…and it is also an exciting time….this boys seem to be simpatico.

  2. Hi! Interesting topic you have going here. It is a bit mindblowing when you think about your own youth; experiencing life as it is as a child and then looking at youth today. It is as if time has swallowed at least 8 years ahead of time. In the Netherlands the ADHD (kids who have a lot of energy) are being treated with medication to. That means that a young body is being exposed to medicine before the body is mature. Bad I find. Your portraits are really getting good. You could make a series out of these I think, for it’s a nice light figurative and litteraly (;
    A good and accurate topic!
    Have a nice sunday

    • Hi Belinda, appreciate you taking the time! It is quite surreal to reflect back upon my own experience compared to the teens I see now. Some things have not changed at all. Others are dramatically different. No meds, for one. If a kid was hyper, you just gave him/her more exercise, less caffeine, more chores, lol. It seems an active child does not quite fit into our currently sedentary lifestyle. A series is a good idea too! Thanks again!

  3. i find these portraits very intense. It’ like looking not at them but inside them. In my opinion it means not only you are a good photographer but more important that you managed to establish a good human relationship. Brava.

    • Thank you Robert! I am pleased by your response because that was my goal. I wanted to give the viewer a sense of the intensity of this age and its psychological shifts and challenges. At the same time, I wanted the personalities of these boys to show a little too. The first young man was very stoic. He was serious the entire time. The second kid was kind of vulnerable and quiet. The third was charismatic and energetic, yet thoughtful.

  4. Your portraits are beautiful – all the boys speak, even though their mouths are closed. They are boys – freshman – but the man is evident in each one of their faces.
    I wish them every success in life…


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