The Art of Mascara


Photo Taken at my Hairdressers.

Seriously though, what is up with mascara? It is almost a form of facial gymnastics just to get the stuff on. Even then, there are no guarantees. It could be too thick, too wet or dry, clumped on the brush, or if you are running low–side-of-the-tube sludge, which always looks like shit. I am in no way suggesting my subject had a bad experience. In fact, her mascara looked great. I wondered what her secret was. I stopped wearing mascara years ago because it seems every day was a bad lash day for me. I tried several brands, all flawed. Now I get to watch my daughter apply it with results not much better than my own, only she is too young to realize it. She thinks her clumpy, stuck-together lashes look gorgeous. She doesn’t notice half the mascara is under her eye instead of over it, and the little black dots are as endearing to her as freckles. Perhaps it is genetic, maybe some lashes just don’t respond?


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