She loves her toys! Unfortunately, she also destroys them very quickly. Even the toughest toys don’t last long. She has a few Kongs that have lasted, but they’re no fun, so once in a while I will treat her to a real toy that she can destroy in a few days … or a few minutes. Seriously.




14 thoughts on “Cuddles

  1. There’s my girl! She’s as photogenic as ever. My Duncan is the same way. He cannot keep a toy intact-even a Kong-for more than 15 minutes. Since he’d rather chew on napkins and socks and any kind of paper, I probably shouldn’t feel too bad.

    • Haha! Cuddles is such a child about it. Everytime I come home with a bag she thinks there is a toy in it for her. And that makes it hard to resist not getting her one every time I am out because she gets so excited. Her favorite toy is always her newest one.

      • “Her favorite toy is always her newest one.” Just like a kid, yep! Dunc is a big, overgrown puppy (and we’ve long since come to the conclusion he always will be). He loves to play and chew more than anything (except cuddle with his humans). No toys for him, though. I cannot deal with cleaning up 500 small plastic bits every time he destroys one. He gets into enough trouble as it is….

      • I try to get the stuffing free toys. They still make a mess, but not as big of one. Cuddles favorite toys are actually …. cat toys! She loves those little furry mice that squeak! She even knows which aisle they are in at Pet Smart. Once in a great while I will buy her one, and her mouth trembles at the sight of it!

    • I used to give her bones, but unfortunately, she has terrible food allergies. A ham bone had her itching for weeks, and I almost had to put her on steroids to get the reaction under control. She is on a very limited diet because of it–special food, and I still have to give her Benadryl occasionally when she gets into something she is not supposed to, which is often, lol.

    • LOL! Oh she loves people. She is very, very friendly. Although, we were at the park the other day and she growled at a man walking down the street–he was holding a bat–it was the first time I had ever heard her growl at a person. It was as if she knew he had a bat, or something was wrong. I am not sure why he was carrying it. Strange indeed.


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