I’ve been calling him Sweetcheeks, even though that’s not what I named him. He has become very friendly. Such a curious little guy. He loves to hop on my keyboard and play. He sees my fingers on it often, and just associates it with something fun, like a toy. He is pretty much interested in anything I touch. Today he lost a feather and decided to carry it around for a while. I stole it from him and he stole it back.


4 thoughts on “Sweetcheeks

  1. He is certainly sweet. Is he free all the time? I like the idea of having birds as pets, but I wouldn’t want them to live in a cage. How did you get the scratched glass effect? Is it a ready to use layer? It adds so much to the image and enhances the soft color palette.

    • No, he has a cage, but I let him out a few times every day. He will fly around, play, and when he gets tired, he goes back in the cage on his own. The scratched glass is a texture, yes. You just layer it over and blend. 😉


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