Entanglements 2


I’ve had my eye on this tree since the last entanglements shot, but it has been so cold and rainy that I was unable to photograph it. This morning, I woke up and looked outside. There was a thick frost on the ground. Wonderful! I had planned for this shot to be B&W, but I ended up liking the color version too. The frost rendered the colors of the pasture in a more vibrant way than just dead and deteriorating grass.


42 thoughts on “Entanglements 2

  1. Each renders a different personality, which works to focus on characteristics both in color and monochrome. I find it interesting that editing is seen as a no-no in many situations. If one looks at the back story of photography, images have been manipulated by the best of the best and (mostly) in the darkroom. As you imply and I agree, what is the difference between darkroom processing and an app or editing on the computer with software. They seem one and the same–just different processes. Good for you to achieve the effect that you wanted.

    • Appreciate your thoughtful reply! Each image is different. Some I do not push as far on processing, but I also enjoy processing and find it to be creative and enjoyable. πŸ™‚

  2. Ah, Jennifer, you’ve outdone yourself here. The tree is a living thing. The movement creates the sense of that life although the “deadness” of winter is on it. It’s wonderful to see. πŸ™‚

  3. The thing is, with an effect like this, it could easily go wrong but you seem to instinctively know how much and where to apply it, and it turns out so well. Both images are very, very nice! I look forward to seeing the next ones.

  4. I so agree. In fact, it seems to me like if the effect is the same, then it shouldn’t matter at all how it was created.
    What drives me nuts is when experienced photographers tell the new guys that any post processing is beginners folly, and that they themselves would never tweak an image after it was taken. Most of them are clearly lying, and it holds the beginners back from their real potential!


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