First off, thanks for all the well wishes! I am feeling much better now. Still have a little cough, but I’m on the mend. It was 75 degrees today. Wow, felt wonderful. Went for a long walk in the woods and felt grateful to smell things. I have passed these two trees many times, but with the woods so barren, and no leaves, the scene just struck me in a different way.

27 thoughts on “Entanglements

      • Oh, bloody yes we do! We got around 5″ of snow on the 6th, and another 2 1/2″ or so overnight Monday-Tuesday. It is freezing, but it looks pretty.

      • Wow! I am kinda jelly. It’s been cold here, and wet, but no snow. If it is gonna be cold, may as well have some pretty snow to look at through the window. 🙂

      • I don’t mind it so much because I work from home, but it is sooo early in the season for snow here (not to mention heavy). Last winter we had maybe 2″ TOTAL. This is really unheard of, and people in this city do not handle snow well.

  1. Nice to know you feel better. It’s between 1 and 5 here, but Celsius! I think around 40 F. I’m never been able to make good photographs of trees therefore I appreciate very much your pictures. I like how the roots are connected and how you played with selective focus to enhance it.r

  2. glad you’re better

    it’s the same temperature here in Georgia but very wet…like Vietnam but Charlie is people in minivans who can’t drive on wet roads

  3. It’s funny that I should see this particular picture… I’m currently working on a poem that talks about roots and how the really strong ones go deep and hold firm, creating a solid foundation for growth. Lovely.

  4. I didn;t know you were ill, so I’m glad to find you are feeling better!
    There is something about this photo that reminds me of the look that Ansel Adams achieved. Something about the shades of B&W … and the soft focus in the background. Really, really lovely!


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