Dad’s Knives

Today, I photographed my dad’s knife collection. My dad really enjoys his collectibles. He likes to show them to people and talk about them. I bought my dad an iPad for Christmas last year, and so I thought it would be nice for him to have a portfolio of his knives on his iPad. That way, Β he can show images of the knives as he talks about them. Β A few images of the knives …









0KF copy



I am not really into knives, but I learned, for example, that the spine of the knife is very important to collectors. They are hand filed, which is why he also wanted shots of a few spines. I am at my parents house, so the setup for the shots was simple. I used a window and a piece of dark velvet as the background.

This year, I bought my parents a Β Western Caribbean cruise for Christmas. They leave in early January. My dad will bring the iPad with him, and now he can show people he meets his knife collection, if they are interested in such things.



18 thoughts on “Dad’s Knives

  1. I never knew that knives could be so lovely! It’s funny, but when I saw the words “knife collection” I pictured kitchen knives. Chalk it up to being married to a chef.

    • Hahaa! Too funny. Yes, being married to a chef probably has something to do with it. The knives really are very pretty! One has mother of pearl (3rd image) and they all have a craftsmanship about them. It’s kinda neat! πŸ™‚

  2. I was never a knife enthusiast. But I do appreciate beauty and craftsmanship, and your Dad’s collection is all of that. I carry one for emergencies now, a habit I picked up since moving here. But my blade is too ugly to show in public and will stay in my pocket where it wont embarrass me. πŸ™‚

  3. Dad will be happy! And it is first time I see knives in an interesting way, as craftsmanship objects. I have always been thinking knives to be or kitchen instruments or dangerous objets. The photos are excellent and they are beautiful.


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