Barely There



We made collages in my drawing class today. I brought home a few textures from class (with instructor’s permission) to photograph. I wanted to use these pieces as textures. Both images use one of the textures I photographed.

This is it …0txt7

Β I photographed it, went into Photoshop and cropped a piece to use as a layer over another image. Then I simply blended it over the background.

A B&W version of the first image in which I also added a black and rounded border.


19 thoughts on “Barely There

    • Hi Kitt, thanks! I keep a lookout now for things that might make good textures! I photographed 5 or so different ones from class, but this one is the most versatile. πŸ™‚

      • Awesome. I have a younger friend who’s been getting into photography lately. I shared your post on Facebook and encouraged her to check out your blog. Your stuff is fantastic!

      • Well, thank you, I appreciate that! Taking a class can be very helpful too. She’ll get specific suggestions and some guidance–especially if she wants to go a step further than a point and shoot and use a DSLR.


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