Pomegranate and Carnations

Pomegranate and Carnantions

Pomegranate and Carnations


Pomegranate and Parakeet

Didn’t really experiment with these shots. What you see is what you get.

I am hooked on a TV series, “The Tudors,” historical fiction based on the life of King Henry VIII. This series is highly addictive. I’ve ripped through two seasons already and can’t wait to start the 3rd. The characters are so colorful and dynamic.

The writing of Anne Boleyn’s character was utterly fantastic. She is one of the most fascinating women in history, but usually she is portrayed as such a victim, which always turns me off a little. I think the series attempts to capture her as a real person rather than a mythology. She can be very unlikeable and yet still sympathetic.

King Henry VIII is repulsive, a tyrant, womanizer, and you feel guilty for liking him despite these enormous flaws. You feel highly satisfied when bad things happen to him, but you eagerly wait for him to bounce back.

I am also learning much more about pieces of history that normally pass my radar, like the reformation of the church during that time period.

There are also roles for musicians, poets, and painters: Tallis, Wyatt and Holbein have made appearances. Holbein is my absolute very most favorite portraitist of all time. Look him up and be amazed. You just get this feeling when looking at one of his portraits that the person is going to blink at any moment.







8 thoughts on “Pomegranate and Carnations

  1. These both share the same light as the Dutch school – I agree with oawritingspoemspaintings – they’re just like paintings – love the delicacy. Does the parakeet have a name yet?


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