These are my rhinos from the drawing class. I used a plastic toy model. I took these shots with my cell phone. I think I am progressing in the drawing class. I don’t really have any raw, natural ability, but the class is definitely giving me ideas for new things to try in Photoshop. I have been playing around and practicing with different brushes in Photoshop. PS brushes are their own little universe! There are numerous ways to customize and use them. I have a Wacom tablet, which is nice because I can customize even further. Also, some cool erodible brushes. They work very similar to real charcoal and pencils in the sense that the sides wear down and you get different marks after using them for a while.

14 thoughts on “Rhinos

      • Grumpy in the best possible way, of course! Ah, the weekend. Yeah. My husband picked up our dog Crosley’s cremains today, and my step-dad’s funeral is tomorrow afternoon. So my weekend will be something of a bummer. I hope that you, on the other hand, have some wonderful plans for this gorgeous weather.

    • Thank you, Jennifer! The funeral was yesterday, so today I am just taking it easy and trying to relax! We saw the fabulous George Bellows exhibit at the CMA, which was a much-needed respite.


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