Jack was the courageous hand model for these shots. He did get pinched a few times, but toughed it out so I could get the little bugger. The crawdad was not very pleased. He was returned to the creek immediately afterward.

I have my drawing class this morning. So far, it is going well. I knew going into it that drawing was not really my specialty; I only wanted to improve how I see and learn techniques I could use in Photoshop. My instructor allows us to draw from any source, but encourages us to draw from life, so that is what I have been doing. Drawing is very difficult. The seeing is similar to photography, but amplified by many times, at least when drawing from life. Β I have also noticed that it is changing the way I look through my camera and organize the frame. So, I think it was a good choice.

13 thoughts on “Crawdad

  1. I really love that second one. It’s interesting to read that drawing is affecting your photography. I have noticed that my little paintings affect how I frame my landscape photos. I guess it’s all good.

    • Thanks, Anita! Yes, I think it is because drawing makes you study what you are looking at with such intensity. Every aspect of it … today we talked about different types of lines and it gave me an idea to try for some images I am working on in Photoshop.

  2. GREAT pictures! I’m always impressed by your versatility Jennifer. The contrast between the hand and the crawdad is so striking – and yet the similarity – the gestures are almost the same in the middle picture, and the texture on the hand is perfect – the lines, the bits of soil.
    Didn’t know you’re taking drawing. I think it’s a fantastic choice – it will really build on what you already have. Do you know Lisa, at ? Her personality and take on things is different from yours but you I bet you would enjoy her posts about drawing.

    • Hey, appreciate it. I will definitely check out Lisa’s blog, thanks! Hah, the crawdad in the middle image just makes me smile. He almost looks like he is having fun. LOL.

  3. Thanks for the recent like, Jennifer. Your photographs are terrific and I was interested to read about the supporting role that drawing is beginning to play in your art. For me it’s the other way round, where drawing is my primary activity and photography the (extremely enjoyable) side-dish. They definitely feed into one another, though. The two disciplines have much in common but for me, drawing is the one that requires the more intense scrutiny of your subject. It sounds as though this is what you’ve been finding, too. I suppose the most obvious explanation is that a drawing simply involves a longer engagement with the subject – I know if I look back on drawings and photos I’ve made, it’s always the drawings that evoke the most vivid memories.

    Keep up the great work.


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