Beach Collages








Some collages/dbl exposures (layered) of the beach trip. The last photo is an exception. The image above it is two photos, but I actually prefer the original shot, so I included it. I didn’t use any textures in these images. Just combined and blended different shots.

21 thoughts on “Beach Collages

  1. Nifty. I agree, the first is the best, with both a hot and cool quality. I don’t have the visual vocabulary to express it. And I think your instinct is right about the last pair — some things work in their simplicity. Add to it, and it becomes, what? Forced?

    • Appreciate it, Bob! 🙂 I have my moments when I feel creative and others not so much … kinda ebbs and flows, like everything else. One thing I know for myself is that “inspiration” is really NOT that important when it comes to the final piece. Some of my favorite shots were taken when I did not feel very inspired, and some shots I felt very inspired while taking went straight to the bin.


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