Error Codes when Updating Creative Cloud

This has happened to me twice now, so figured I’d do a little post on it in case others run into the same problem when updating Creative Cloud Extension Manager.

I have an iMac and I’m running OS X Lion 10.7.5. The issue is that I get an “error code” when I try to update the extension manager from the extension manager, which looks like this …


It works up until I have to type in my password and then I get an error code box. The first time this happened, I researched the error code and found a dozen solutions–all very complicated. The easiest one was to reboot, but that did not work for me. More annoying solutions included uninstalling Adobe software and even hacking code.

Fortunately, I only tried the restart and then went into my applications to investigate the situation. This is the application that worked for me, simply by double clicking and installing the update:


Dbl click the one on the left “Adobe Creative Cloud” and the install instructions will pop up. You may be holding your breath a bit, waiting for the dreadful error code, but for me it installed perfectly from here. I am not sure why, but I cannot install updates to the extension manager itself from the extension manager. I have to go to the app. Hope this info is helpful to someone getting the terrible error code and banging their head against the screen as they read the solutions and  suggestions on the Adobe and iMac help forums.

6 thoughts on “Error Codes when Updating Creative Cloud

  1. Thank you very much, Jennifer. I just bought a new desktop. It took a long time to figure out the installation with absolutely no helpful solutions from Adobe help folks. This very well may work for me next update! It is kind of you to share.

    • Go to your apps, click on CS6, it will open several folders including an uninstall app. I plan on keeping it for a bit longer, just in case something happens with CC.


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