Forecast: Mud


We’ve had so much rain this summer that the riverbank has been made into a makeshift mud-wrestling pit for kids. The fishing camp is abandoned–the campers have been removed due to flooding (including my precious Airstream), and some of the docks have not survived the weather. I went out there and just walked around, found some remnants of the camp, saw a huge black snake, and was stalked by a herd of starving ducks. I bought a loaf of bread and made a trip back to feed the poor starving creatures. That is when I found these two boys wrestling and playing in the mud. Children have a way of finding a game in any situation.






Also received news that one of my images is a finalist for the Julia Margaret Cameron Award. The exhibit is in Paris, which is just dreamy and very exciting. They are only choosing 12 photographers for it, though, and the competition is humbling, so I’m not getting my hopes up, but I am crossing my fingers. Even if my image does not get chosen for the exhibit, I’m utterly thrilled about the nomination. The results are posted here.

39 thoughts on “Forecast: Mud

      • I am having a great summer. We are more or less adjusted to our new house (and now we have an entirely new neighborhood to explore) and I am writing again full-time (or will be starting next week). We hope to make it to NC in October or November. I will let you know! I hope your summer is going well, too.


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