The flower bush on the side of the house is starting to bloom. I’ve had it for around four years. It has grown so much in the past year, nearly doubled in size.


I was photographing the buds and flowers and the rain clouds came out. This bee landed on one of the flowers which already had a 3-4 green bugs inside taking shelter. The bee was not taking no for an answer. It literally bullied all of the green bugs from the flower. There were a few other blooms nearby which were empty, but the bee wanted that one.





After the bee had pushed the others out of the flower, it crawled inside. Then it started to rain.


This is what the flower looks like opened. Anyone know what it is called?


12 thoughts on “Garden

  1. Check Rose of Sharon, or more specifically Hibiscus syriacus (Rose of Sharon is a common name for several plants. The species I named is very common in my area as a shrub.

  2. I think it’s a rose of sharon. Nice shots! You’ve got those nasty Japanese beetles just like I have. They seem to be a couple weeks later this year than last and are chomping through my hydrangeas like crazy!


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