Magnolia Versions




For these three versions, I used the same portrait and different images of magnolias that I took in the spring. I also painted in textures. My Adv Photoshop class begins next week. I am looking forward to seeing what I can add or do differently in the versions. I’m also signed up for a drawing class this fall. I have no natural drawing ability, but with practice, I can probably get a certain foundation which I’m also hoping will expand my creative toolbox in photoshop.

24 thoughts on “Magnolia Versions

  1. I love the first one… I keep going back to look at it more than the others (which are also wonderful). I don’t believe that you have “no natural drawing ability”. You have a great eye for composition and you like to experiment. I think you’re going to have fun.

    • Thanks, Anita! I think I will have fun in the drawing class too, but really I am just hoping to improve throughout the semester. I have never drawn, so I will be beginning from scratch! πŸ™‚

    • Haha, well it looks like I’ll continue to be on my own. The Adv PS class was cancelled. 😦 Back to videos, tutorials, and experimentation. Just kinda wanted some outside assistance for a few weeks …


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