Lilie Apart





This was a fun experiment. I took the flower apart and photographed it. I may try more of these. I also did a few with alternative processing. It’s a new way for me to approach the subject. I enjoyed it. I found out today that one of my images was selected for an exhibit in Minneapolis! There are 70 photographs in the exhibit. I will post the details when they have the page up. I’m not sure if I will be able to attend the opening of the show, but I would like to! Also, I signed up for an Advanced Photoshop course which begins at the end of the month and goes through August. So far the summer has been good to me, I just wish it would stop raining!

22 thoughts on “Lilie Apart

    • Thanks! I enjoyed them and plan on doing others. Gives me a new way to approach the subject. Hope you are having a great weekend. I really wish the rain here would stop for a few days … it’s unbelievable.

  1. I absolutely adore this! It’s funny, Selby botanical garden here in Sarasota was recently featuring an artist they felt was “quirky and whimsical” who drew and painted flowers in a very similar way to the way you’ve laid out your first photo. They were also selling her work, but I wasn’t that into it. Yours, on the other hand…. YOU capture a delicate beauty that speaks to me…yet you still maintain a certain quirky, whimsical vibe to your work. I love it!


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