White Spidey

Found her in the bee garden this morning … I’m not positive about the sex of this spider, but it looks sorta pregnant?


Also, had the opportunity to further test the “camera shake” sharpening filter in the latest version of Photoshop. I think this filter could be useful for those who shoot macro handheld. This is usually the case for insects, since the little buggers just won’t hold still. I used a 105mm, not the lightest lens, put that on my camera and it can be a little heavy for handheld macro. Some camera shake is inevitable even with VR. To demonstrate theย subtlety of this filter, here is a very close crop of the bug, before and after using the filter …

Before "camera shake sharpening" is applied.

Before “camera shake sharpening” is applied.

After "camera shake sharpening" is applied.

After “camera shake sharpening” is applied.

There’s a bit more fine detail on the eye things and legs. It’s not a dramatic change. And the rest of the image is unaffected. You can also choose advanced settings, which may do a bit more. I just used the default. To me, smart sharpen is much less effective. Here’s an example of smart sharpen.

"Smart Sharpen" applied.

“Smart Sharpen” applied.

The settings for smart sharpen were 300% with a 2.0 radius. I think that is pretty extreme for sharpening. And the results are still not as good as the “camera shake” sharpen. So, the camera shake sharpening does seem to serve a good purpose when it comes to handheld macro. I also did not use a flash. A speedlight can give more detail, but it won’t prevent camera shake. I know with my speedlight, my maximum shutter speed is 250. Many times I can up the ISO and shutter speed and still get crisp details without using flash. That way I don’t blow out parts of the flower itself, or in this case, an albino lookingย insect.

21 thoughts on “White Spidey

  1. Really interesting spider, and a great, instructive post. I don’t have the latest PS by far, but it’s interesting to see the difference between the smart sharpen and the camera shake filter. I like that it’s not extreme – it looks pretty real, not cartoonish, if you know what I mean.

    • Yes, I do know what you mean! Over sharpening can make an image look much worse than it being a little blurry. It gets that “crunchy” look around the edges and just looks … bad. This filter seems to have a really intuitive balance of when enough is enough. I like it so far! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. you can go faster than 1/250 but you’ll have to use hyper-sync which will drain battery and not as powerful light. I really like the first shot though… the spider is kind of creepy ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I thought the camera shake option turned out best. Actually, I like its subtlety – it doesn’t seem to oversharpen, although I am sure you could overdo it manually. Your image has such a shallow depth of field that I wouldn’t expect the filter to have any effect except around the eyes where their was adequate definition to judge the filter’s effect. Maybe he was an albino?


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