Photoshop CC

Today, I updated to Photoshop CC, the newest version, which was released not too long ago. Installing it was easy. Took a few minutes. This upgrade does not seem as profound as going from CS5 to CS6, but maybe that is because I am more familiar with the software now. There is one little glitch when installing the latest version: plug-ins. If you have any additional plug-ins, CC may not recognize them. For example, my Nik software. I tried reinstalling it and it still didn’t work. I was worried. But do not fret! I figured it out and it is very simple to install plug-ins. Just go to your CS6 Plug in folder. Copy the plug-in folders you want to use in PS CC. Now paste those plug in folders into the plug-in folder for Photoshop CC.

Ta dah!


The newest feature that has gotten the most attention is the “camera shake” sharpening. I tested it out on the above image. This image was pretty clear to begin with, but it did add some fine detail to the bottom of the top tomato. It reminded me of using a high pass filter, only it didn’t effect the entire image, just that one spot. Tonight I am going to a rodeo, so there may be some camera shake I can test it further on tomorrow.

My favorite new feature is not the camera shake. It is the “camera raw” filter. Yes! You can now open camera raw while working in Photoshop. It can even be its own layer! This is so very nice. Sometimes I will be working on an image and I realize that I need to go back because I forgot to do something in camera raw. Now I do not have to start all over. I can simply open the camera raw filter.

Image sizing has also changed a bit. I do not have a full grasp on it yet, but it appears to help preserve detail when enlarging an image.

There are other new features as well: round corners on shapes, smart sharpen upgrade, improved paths, and 3D enhancements.

10 thoughts on “Photoshop CC

    • Go to your Adobe download manager. On my iMac, it is in applications. Just start it up and you should be able to install Bridge and PS CC. There are a few extras you can also install. 🙂

  1. In CS5 and 6 editing camera raw images via photo isn’t really so new, you could previously if your image had been created as a smart object go back into camera raw and edit and make changes. and then go back into Photoshop.

    I am not upgrading as for me ( where I live) the cost is astronomical for a month subscription.

    Glad you are in enjoying your new edition.

    • I hear ya, but It’s nice for me because I always work with NEF files, and I don’t have to exit PS at all now. It’s built in as a filter. I can apply edits to multiple layers or even selections. There are also new features to camera raw itself. It has auto straighten and spot healing which can be brushed on as a selection. I don’t know when or how often I will use all of the other new stuff, like camera shake sharpen, but it is really nice to have so precision over camera raw.

      I don’t quite understand why the price difference is so steep for you … is it just the way currency translates? It’s really unfortunate. Seems Adobe is cutting off a huge customer base?


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