Street in a Small Town

I am not really a “street” photographer, as many of you already know. However, I had the opportunity to photograph some people on the street this past weekend. This type of portraiture is very different from what I normally do. It was challenging and intimidating, but also something new and I enjoyed it. I will most likely leave the streets to talented street photographers like Richard Guest. He photographs the streets in London. Definitely check out his blog. I am a huge fan of his work.

The Street in a Small Town …







26 thoughts on “Street in a Small Town

  1. So many great ones. the one of the blond woman in black and white is really great because you can feel her soul.

    Is that an opossum in that woman’s hands? those things are crazy nasty.

  2. These are really great! Would you really not do this again? I particularly love the second one – classic shot. And the possom’s cross-eyed cuteness. I don’t know how to insert a blushing emoticon 🙂 but thanks very much for the mention!

    • I would probably do it again! 🙂 But only if it is warm. The 2nd shot was also my favorite. I really was thinking at times, “How would Richard approach this person?” 😀


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