The Bee Garden

As some of you already know, I made a bee garden a few months ago. I wanted to attract bumblebees. I photographed bumblebees last summer, so I was familiar with the types of flowers they liked. I planted salvia,ย lavender, coneflowers, and a few flowering bushes. I saw a few bees on the flowering bushes, but they did not flower for long. The salvia bloomed next. I did not see any bees on the salvia. The lavender started to bloom about 3 weeks ago. I was afraid the same thing would happen as with the salvia. However, the bees arrived! I noticed them about a week ago. Just a few at first, but they have multiplied steadily since, even with tons of rain, and there are a dozen or more bees in the garden every time I check.




Yesterday, I went to the greenhouse and the bees seemed to like another purplish flower. I planted four of these near the lavender.0b91






I used a speedlight for the first three shots. The speedlight gives much more detail in the bee’s anatomy. However, I also like the fuzzier shots without a speedlight. I think the image can start to look too “logical” and “scientific “when every detail of the bee is visible. I have nothing against that approach, but I also like the softer look without a flash. Because these bees are really docile. I was sitting in my garden and they were flying all around me, a few even landed on me, and I did not get stung. I was wearing the same color purple as the flowers today, so maybe they thought I was a big flower, lol.

20 thoughts on “The Bee Garden

  1. The shots with the speed light look like studio photos :). I’m blond and in the summer insects often buzz around and land on my hair. I think the think I’m a flower too. BTW do you sell your photos? If you do what site do you use?

    • Thank you, Henrietta! The speedlight seems to have that effect, yes. It’s a “look.” I don’t like it for portraits at all. But that is just my taste! I was using smugmug but I have not put anything on there in some time. I probably should …

  2. I have spent ages looking at these images with absolute joy. These are absolutely terrific and isn’t it great to have bees back in the gardens, as I too have noticed a few at home but certainly less than last year.
    Wonderful images Jennifer that are balanced in both composition and light. Have a great week, best regards, James


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