Versions of Caroline


This is where I am at with Caroline’s versions. I have created about ten, and suspect I will create a dozen or so more. There’s more composites and painting. I am also using my own images for composites or designs for layers. In the next round, I will probably try pulling from more sources. The painting is new for me in the sense that I am beginning with a blank canvas, painting on it in PS, and layering it over the source. The shapes in the bottom left and the top right are examples. It’s much easier said than done. I created dozens of shape patterns and none of them worked. They definitely have to be customized to the image and one has to think about where they will be located as well as how the color is going to change–because it doesn’t look the same after it is layered and blended. So, there is planning involved as well as trial and error. Yesterday, I did some “organic” painting with oils on artboard and photographed the results to use as layers. I pretty much ran into the same issues as doing it in PS. The pattern has to match and the colors change when they are blended. I’m not really sure if there are any benefits to using physical paint over working in PS besides that it is a nice change of pace and my fingers get dirty. It requires more work because the results also have to be photographed. I am not one of those who believe “more work” is equal to better results. The results are the results regardless of how one gets there. I think process does matter because process is style. Process is every choice I make. But a more difficult process does not necessarily create a better result, if that makes sense.

8 thoughts on “Versions of Caroline

      • …well,the more you explain the process the more impressive that image becomes….and there is a tenuous quality to how she’s placed…there but not quite….adolesence at that age.

        ..i guess now i have a new favorite..really wonderful work..

      • Appreciate it! I started off with the rose image, duplicated it twice and blended. Then I layered her over the rose composite and painted it in. It took a few attempts and about several hours. There was a lot of tiny detail and touch up involved. At one time it had a more seamless and “flattened” look to it, but I didn’t like that. Somehow it felt less natural and I liked the tension created when it was a little more unrefined and dimensional. Something more surreal about it …


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