Cuddles: 10 Months

Many of you know the story, but for those who don’t …

Last August, two puppies were found in a ditch near my house. Their eyes had just opened. There was a male and a female. The pups were extremely sick and dehydrated. The  boy pup did not survive, but the girl pup continues to thrive, and her name is Cuddles.

Recently, I bought Cuddles a pool! She loves it. She tries to swim in the pool, but it is not deep enough. Still, she enjoys splashing around and it cools her off. North Carolina summers can be fierce, and Cuddles likes playing outside, so the pool was well worth it.





Drying off

Drying off


Ready to play

Cuddles is pretty well trained for photographs. I have been working with her since she was four weeks old. She knows it’s photo time when I grab the camera and call her over by the window. She sits, stays, looks at the camera when commanded, and now we are working on turning left and right. I reward her with regular dog food for commands she already knows, but I give her special treats for new commands.  I add new commands as she masters old ones. Here are a few of our recent photos, taken in the past few days.

0cd3 (1)




I will be working on a 2014 calendar for Cuddles this fall. I am hoping to use the calendar as a tool to bring more awareness to animal rescue. It will have photographs of Cuddles from when she was first found up to her 1 year birthday.

31 thoughts on “Cuddles: 10 Months

  1. my wife and i said “cute” about 40 times reading this post. we can’t believe how big she is. I can’t show these pictures my golden retriever, he’ss insist on a pool.

  2. Well, I for one did NOT know the story, and I’m glad you retold it. I thought she was a very cool little pup, but now somehow that’s all even cooler. If that makes sense. These are such great photos and I love that you’re training her. I like the processing on the single B&W – it works really well. The bit of drool above that one – fabulous! And the ear below that one – more fabulous. Didn’t know you were in NC – my son was at LeJeune, and we lived out near Asheville for 2 yrs. But you’re probably somewhere in between.

    • Thanks! Yes, we are about an hour north of Charlotte. I have been to LeJeune as well as Asheville. In fact, we may be staying in Asheville this weekend. I really love that little town. It has such a great vibe. 🙂

      • I’ve been crazy busy – wonder if you did get to Asheville. I was there a long time ago, when it was just beginning to get a little hip. It’s beautiful country. I liked Raleigh-Durham, too, when I visited a few times. But Charlotte has to be nice for it’s location – a few hours to the coast or the mountains (maybe more than a few).


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