One of the realities of living next door to a horse farm is that you get used to their presence and beauty and find yourself forgetting about it. But then it will just strike you all over again, brand new, their strange power and movement.


25 thoughts on “Daphne

  1. I’m not blown away very often…but this photograph is a stunning, amazingly beautiful celebration of what the ideal life for me is. A field of daisies & a gorgeous animal. Love, love, love! -amy

    • Hey there, thank you! 🙂 Off topic, but is anyone else’s blog really slow? My blog seems to not want to load … been going on for a few days now. Hmmm

      • Server issue, maybe? I have also noticed more “anonymous” subscribers to my blog. I usually like to click on subscribers and check out their blogs, but I have a weird feeling about it now, like it’s a new form of spam or malware.

  2. What a spectacular image – that back-lighting! I too have had loads of trouble with WordPress lately being slow to load – very frustrating! I just noticed a conversation on another blog people are having about the “Like” button saying “Loading” endlessly – I’ve had that, too. I keep cleaning my computer, restarting it…it gets better maybe for a while, then back again to slow city. So glad to hear it’s not my computer or connection – but I was thinking it was WordPress anyway, sounds like it is. Again – great photo.

    • Hey, thanks! Huh … must be a server issue, or maybe another update. Little things have changed in the past due to updates. The Likes have changed in the last several months. Now you can only see a row of the gravatars. One used to be able to see them all. I rather liked that update because they can begin to look clunky. I have considered getting rid of them altogether.

      • A quandary I guess. You could say they’re silly, but I know that when I visit a blog that I can’t do a “Like” on, I feel a little disappointed. Sometimes I don’t have time for, or am not motivated to write a comment, but want to leave that little bit of appreciation. In any case, I hope things speed up…and Happy Mothers Day to you!

      • Yeah, agree on the Likes. If I had a blog where I simply posted and did not interact than the Like would be unnecessary, but it is nice for those times when you don’t feel like talking.


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