I swear, sometimes the title of a post is so difficult. I have sacrificed a few posts for lack of a title. I have several nameless and forgotten drafts buried in the archives. When I am really struggling for a title, I reach behind me and grab a book of poetry. Sometimes it helps to read a few poems. Today, it worked, but not without flipping through a few books. I love Baudelaire, but he is not so great for title inspiration, unless you want something like, “Get Drunk!” or “Don Juan in Hell.”¬†Anyway … Cavafy to the rescue.

I tried a dozen textures on this image, but I preferred it without one. I did add the design on top. I used a calligraphy brush for that. I am using different types of brushes more often, especially when blending a texture or a layer. A different brush can give the blend a more interesting look. But this was a simple b&w conversion with typical adjustments. I added the design after trying on endless textures, painting, and deciding against each one. I liked the clean and smooth background. It just flows better with her pose and the tones. I was undecided about the calligraphy stroke and almost decided against it too, but in the end, I liked its quirkiness.






Versions 2

Versions of Caroline

Versions of Caroline

I am back to working on “versions.” For these images, I use one source image and alter it with textures, composites, collage, and painting in photoshop. I have been doing more composites with Caroline’s versions. Both of the backgrounds here are photographs of mine and then I paint in textures. The colored image has three different textures. The black and white has two textures. I use various blend modes with the textures to get different effects. I am just fascinated by the idea that I can create numerous images from one source image. Of course, by the time I get done I am really using several images. I used a portrait of Breanna in my first experiment with versions. I ended up making 15+ versions and narrowed it down to nine.


Versions of Breanna

Tomorrow I am photographing Christina. Hopefully I will get a shot that I can use for my next set.