Infra Fun at the Family Dollar

Infrared B&W

Infrared B&W

Infrared Color

Infrared Color

Here is an edit of the Infrared color. Basically, I adjusted the filter itself inside the software, and then I made a new version of the image with brighter highlights. I layered the darker version on top of the highlighted one and painted in the highlights. I used my graphics tablet for this task. It would have been unbearable using a mouse.

Edited with more highlights.

Edited with more highlights.

Original Photo

Original Photo

Tonight, Jack and I went to our favorite sushi place for dinner. It was a great meal. We split a California roll and both ordered green tea and a chicken dinner with rice. As we were leaving, I spotted this Family Dollar. It was dusk turning into night and the place had a warm glow inside but was otherwise vacant. No cars in the parking lot and the interior was empty with the exception of a ladder and two motorized lifts. I told Jack I wanted to photograph it. There is a very busy street with four lanes in front of it, but thankfully there was a sidewalk. I have always wanted to use the infrared filter in Nik Color Efex Pro, but I never had anything that really worked with it. I did not know I was going to use this filter when I took the shot. I was just messing around. Anyway, I ended up liking it and made a B&W and color version.

19 thoughts on “Infra Fun at the Family Dollar

  1. horror movie, sci fi movie, romantic comedy is how these pictures make me think

    we would love to have sushi with y’all

    • Thanks! The filter has different colors … four I think … and the b&w has variations too. It is not a filter I will use often (unless I get on some infrared kick), but I like it for this shot. πŸ™‚

  2. They’re great – how terrific that you could get right in the center, without any cars – those parking lot lines look so good. Maybe I like the B&W best, but I’m not sure.

    • Hey, thanks! I was standing on the sidewalk, which helped a lot. I wanted to back up a few feet but couldn’t because of traffic. I will probably tweak the two infra versions a bit more. I just used the filter without adjusting it. They can be tweaked some inside the software itself and also in photoshop by using a mask.


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