Whining about Technology

Okay, so, I subscribe to Creative Cloud through Adobe. This allows me to “rent” the software without having to purchase it. It is a great deal. You get all the Adobe software for a monthly fee. Since I only need Photoshop, I rent this one app and it is even cheaper. It would take me two full years of renting to pay for the full version and I get the same features! Well, sorta. Sometimes I get better features. I went from CS5 to CS6 with no additional cost. I was still paying the same monthly fee. Pretty awesome. I also get the latest updates and upgrades. This is also mostly to my benefit, sometimes …

For example, I updated a few days ago and lost a few feature that require 3D graphics. I lost them because my iMac video card isn’t up to par with these updates. Now, I could understand if my iMac was a few years old. But my iMac is not even a year old! I just bought it near the beginning of last summer. This is a new iMac as far as I am concerned and yet the latest CS6 updates are ahead of my graphics card. I don’t use the features that I lost very often. Mostly I just play around with them. It is not a huge deal that those features no longer work. I am concerned, though, that future updates will disable more and more features until I buy a new iMac and have the newest thing again. It just seems like the newest thing gets old faster than ever. I found my daughter’s first iPod the other day and I swear it looked retro.

That’s all.

11 thoughts on “Whining about Technology

  1. The tiniest fraction of a second after buying your machine, it was obsolete. At least, “they” can wait a respectable amount of time. πŸ™‚

  2. I would write Adobe and let them know! I had an issue with a plugin that I purchased and I contacted the vendor in a very hesitant tone… they asked me to send them the actual image file and a week later they acknowledged it was a bug. Last week, we received the update… I’m disappointed they didn’t mention me though πŸ™‚ hahaha j/k

    • Hahaaa! :p I doubt there is much Adobe can do. They are just doing their “job” by improving the software and making it the latest and the best. There is a small sense of excitement at the fact that it is beginning to outgrow my new processor. It makes me wonder what it does.

    • Yeah, Creative Cloud is pretty cool. When you are a member, you always have the newest software available. I think the price is reasonable, given the retail price of their software. Of course, it means you never actually own any software, but by the time you buy the latest version, the new one is only a few years away. Photoshop 7 will be released next year. I don’t really see the point in buying software like this anymore if it is for personal use. It is upgraded too quickly, usually every two years. Creative Cloud members get the new software as soon as it is released at no additional charge. Plus, if you are curious about other Adobe Software, than the full membership gives you the entire creative suite, which costs a small fortune if bought retail. They should hire me as their spokesperson, lol.

  3. Thanks, an interesting post. I am dithering over Creative Cloud at the moment so anything on the downsides is useful. The real issue for me is access when on the move – like now, 2 weeks on a narrowboat and a very iffy 3G signal.

    • Yes, that is probably the #1 flaw of CC–you have to have dependable internet service. I think at some point it will work without an internet connection, but for now, it doesn’t. Gotta have reliable internet. Thanks for mentioning that! πŸ™‚

  4. Moore’s law !
    Unfortunately for manufactures, electronics is so reliable now that they needed a way of getting us all to spend more money and keep them in business. Built-in redundancy by the use of software.

  5. Free software:
    Reading your ‘post’ I found interesting that you can rent a licence from Adobe. Of course their software is really out of price for many people. If you are related in any way in a school, you could get a licence ‘educational’ for a less lot of the price. The whole suite Premium is at half of the regular price of photoshop alone. And the licence is yours. You could upgrade at will. Paying only for the upgrade.

    But you might be interested in GIMP, which is a freeware, on which ‘the whole world’ of programmers is working on. http://www.gimp.org/
    The program does most of the basic Photoshop. It is absolutely free, and is getting more and more stable. Here at my college, some of my collegues are teaching image manipulation on that software. It is a very good base, and unless you need the possibility of going forth and back with other Adobe solfware, you might love this piece of software.

    Have a good day !


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