Whining about Technology

Okay, so, I subscribe to Creative Cloud through Adobe. This allows me to “rent” the software without having to purchase it. It is a great deal. You get all the Adobe software for a monthly fee. Since I only need Photoshop, I rent this one app and it is even cheaper. It would take me two full years of renting to pay for the full version and I get the same features! Well, sorta. Sometimes I get better features. I went from CS5 to CS6 with no additional cost. I was still paying the same monthly fee. Pretty awesome. I also get the latest updates and upgrades. This is also mostly to my benefit, sometimes …

For example, I updated a few days ago and lost a few feature that require 3D graphics. I lost them because my iMac video card isn’t up to par with these updates. Now, I could understand if my iMac was a few years old. But my iMac is not even a year old! I just bought it near the beginning of last summer. This is a new iMac as far as I am concerned and yet the latest CS6 updates are ahead of my graphics card. I don’t use the features that I lost very often. Mostly I just play around with them. It is not a huge deal that those features no longer work. I am concerned, though, that future updates will disable more and more features until I buy a new iMac and have the newest thing again. It just seems like the newest thing gets old faster than ever. I found my daughter’s first iPod the other day and I swear it looked retro.

That’s all.