The Bee Garden

The bee garden is finished … sorta. It has gaps so that I can plant supplemental annuals for the bees if needed. The perennials are …




Purple Coneflowers




0mysflowI am not sure what this yellow bushy plant is. I saw it at the greenhouse and the bumblebees were all over it so I bought two of them. I have since seen bumblebees on it at my own house! They love it.

The Bee Garden

The Bee Garden

Lavender is on the left. Salvia faces the road. Coneflowers are on the right. The two yellow bushes face the house. There is a little walkway in the center. Hopefully, it will grow up and bushy so that I can walk into the center and be surrounded by the flowers. I have a few empty spots near the bushes for annuals if I need to fill in the gaps between blooms. It has been chilly for two days, but I saw a bumblebee on the yellow bushes yesterday, so it is a good sign that they will find the garden. It will be fun to see how it grows. It doesn’t look like much right now, but there are about 15 of each perennial. My plan is to just let it grow wild. Bumblebees prefer the flowers to be in sprays and unkempt. They also like to have the same color, which is why they are all purple or blue besides the yellow ones. It is supposed to warm up by Wednesday, and I will be on the lookout.



8 thoughts on “The Bee Garden

  1. the shrub with the white and yelow flowers is a sort of cytisus scoparium, yesterday I saw my skimmia japonica white kew was buzzing with all sorts of bee’s (picture of it in my last blog) it’s wintergreen and the buds appear in Autumn, it’s very winter hardy

  2. So I’ve obviously missed a post or two about the bee garden … the motivation is? strictly photography? you like bees? the sound of bees? helping the earth?
    No matter the reason … it looks great!


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