Cherry Tree Six








The cherry tree season has been a bit off this year because it stayed cold for so long. So, I had planned on photographing the trees a certain way, but was not able to work it out with the slow start … it may still be possible, I don’t know. Some trees are already getting leaves while others are just beginning to bloom. Very strange. I used textures on the three landscape images. They are each different shots with similar perspectives and I used different textures on each one. For the three portrait-orientated shots, I just made basic adjustments. To me, the six images create one larger image. Sorta look like a double triptych …


It is not lined up perfectly, but that is how I see it, rather than sixΒ separateΒ images.

29 thoughts on “Cherry Tree Six

  1. I love it – I like both treatments. And I like that even though it wasn’t what you hoped it would be, (that’s the weather, again) you addressed that challenge beautifully. The leaves in the landscape ones actually add a lot, too.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I was a bit disappointed because I sort of had a plan, but nature had its own plan! πŸ™‚ Maybe that is partly why I wanted to do two different versions, to sort of invite in the idea of the creative process being both natural and artificial.

  2. Hi Jen, Can you please tell me how you did the textures, in particular the dark texture, its just beautiful. I also l love that little bit missing in the middle texture. Adele

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ To be honest, I never keep track of how I do them. I know the darker one was a tintype texture that I found for free on flickr. But then I mess with the textures too–change their color and level of saturation. I put them over the original image and try different blend modes and opacity levels, also use curves to deepen and brighten up the tones. Hope that makes some kind of sense!

      • Thanks Jennifer, I guess I need to play a little more in photoshop, or even photographing fabrics. That one that you found on flickr is really beautiful. Thanks again. Adele

  3. Just beautiful, Jennifer. All of them, but the first and the three distance shots are my favorites. I love the delicacy of the limbs, and the patterns they form are just right. I have never seen cherry trees in blossom, except in pictures, all of which look like post card shots. Yours are art!

    • Oh! I was told it was a cherry tree, but one that does not make fruit. Maybe where I live they call anything that flowers a cherry. I will have to change the official title now. Thanks for the info! πŸ™‚

  4. Really like cherry blossom images, they look so good.
    I think the season around the world are all going to be off, I hope it can produce some interesting images I am sure.

    • Thanks! I know our season is about two weeks behind. That is what a landscape designer told me, anyhow, and the strawberry farms too. The strawberries are also late this year!

    • Thanks! The textures are tons of fun! I can spend hours playing with them. I will make countless versions of one image. It is a bit much, but I enjoy it, so … πŸ˜€


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