Old New Horse



Today, Caroline and I may be looking at a horse for her. The above horse is not the horse we will be looking at, but it is the same breed: a paint. This will be Caroline’s first horse. She has been riding since she was six years old, and is an advanced rider now. Her birthday is coming up and I think she is ready now for her own horse. Plus I am hoping the responsibility will be good for her. We live directly next door to where the horse will be boarded, so she will be able to ride and take care of the horse every day. She enjoys barrel racing, so we found a horse that is trained in barrel racing as well as jumping and several other show activities. Let the horse shopping begin!

9 thoughts on “Old New Horse

    • Thanks, bro! I am into sepia lately. I also used a texture on it that I found on google images. They have some really nice free textures out there. I can spend hours browsing and downloading, lol. 🙂

  1. My son rode for years and he so wanted a horse … but we never lived where we could have one. How fun for her! The photo reminds me of some seen in story books of old. Nice!


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