Show Biz


I’ve been up to my eyeballs in bodybuilders for three days. I photographed the show on Saturday and I’ve been sorting and processing those images ever since. That is why I’ve sort of neglected the blog. Hopefully, things will return to normal by Wednesday. It was a good show. Nice to see some familiar faces on stage this season along with new faces … and bodies, of course. Lots of bodies. A few physiques have really changed since last season. Some for the better, some not. Some are transitioning from one division into another and they are not quite there yet. I had to use a different lens for this show because the one I used last year was a DX. I ended up using the 28 – 200mm f3.5. I bought this lens used for under $100.00. This lens is light years better than the newer 24-85mm f3.5. It is equally sharp and it does not have the awful chromatic aberration or vignetting. And it costs me a lot less too. My only complaint is the manual focusing. It doesn’t glide quite as smoothly as I like, but that is a pretty minor complaint. The lighting at the show was typical. All over the place, hot and unpredictable. There were also several blue lights and blondes got hit by them the worst. Also people standing directly underneath one. I have given up on any kind of technical perfection at bodybuilding shows. I honestly think it is impossible, and when it does happen, it’s luck. The person just happened to be standing in the right spot, and they just happened to not have too much oil on, and their tan just happened to be the right shade. The contestants are covered in 3-4 coats of spray tan, then they get all oiled up and stand underneath bright stage lights with a black backdrop, black floors, and all but a few lucky shots have to be color corrected. During the break, I sat around with the other photographers and we all bitched about it.

When I am not up to my eyeballs in bodybuilders, I am watching chick flicks with my dog, Cuddles. Last night, we watched “Sex and the City.” Tonight we watched “Legally Blonde.” Cuddles likes to sit on the sofa next to me and chew on her ball. My bee garden is coming along. The flowers will be planted late this week.

13 thoughts on “Show Biz

    • It is not just the oil, it’s the combo of the tans, oil, and stage lights–and not being able to get out of your seat and probably a few other things. But go for it! Never know, might be different in Cali. They are like the bbing capital and I am sure the shows are really nice!

    • Hahaa! Pretty much everyone does that is not on stage! Just to make you feel better: they diet HARD for 12+ weeks, and they are severely dehydrated and pretty near death on that stage. They cannot maintain that look for very long. I have seen people pass out right on stage. So it is a very temporary look, the leanness part, anyway.


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