Name this Flower …


#1 What is the name of this flower? Tall plant … very small flowers. 


#2 What is the name of this flower?


#3 What is the name of this flower? It was not a tall plant, more like a spread on the ground.


I need the names of these flowers because of this …


Bee Garden!

My bee garden is on its way! Finally! I took this from the balcony, so it looks sort of small, but it is 6 feet out and makes a circle around the tree. Today, my bee garden designer will haul off the rocks surrounding the tree and put down mulch. There will be a path, so I can enter the circle where the rocks are and also I can just walk around it. I am planting a spray of cone flowers, but I also need a few more for each season so that the bees always have food. I am also planting two blossoming cherry trees. The bees love them in early spring.