I knew this was going to be a B&W photograph when I took it. What I struggled with was the type of B&W.  Last night, I  created four different versions: high key, low key, high contrast, and desaturated. Then I slept on it. This morning I looked at them again and figured out how I wanted it to look. I liked elements  in each version, and wanted to integrate them into one. For example, I liked the dramatic high key highlights, but wasn’t crazy about having the background just as bright. I liked the darker background, but wanted her to be less of a silhouette. I wanted contrast, but mostly on her. I wanted less contrast in the background. This involved different curve layers as well as some dodging, burning, and blending. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow I will decide I like the low key better (it was a toss up between this and that one) but this is the one I decided to post for now.

11 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. Sleeping on it was a good idea – it’s very nicely balanced – I agree about less contrast in the background – it’s there, but quiet. I like the setting, and the highlights on her skin are lovely.

  2. get silver Efex Pro from Nik Software 🙂 It will make your black and white conversion so much easier, specially with the things you want to do with this pictures, with many local adjustments.

    And yes, it is a lovely shot to start with 🙂

  3. The against the light glow on the periphery of the subject works superbly with the body and face details coming through in a well balanced frame of lighting and the background being not so sharp helps to make the eyeballs remain on the subject.

    A lovely take


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