9 Months



Cuddles does great with the camera these days. She sits, stays, and I have taught her “watch me”–a command for her to look at me, and the camera. We are working on positioning now, so she will sit where I want her to sit, instead of just plopping down anywhere. She gets it 50% of the time, but is improving. The first shot was a close up, converted to B&W. I added a texture to the second shot. Β She is also doing excellent on the gentle leader. She knows she is going for a walk when she sees it and does not struggle when I put it on, although she still tries to get it off once in a while. I will be doing a 2014 calendar with photos of Cuddles. I want to wait until I have a whole year’s worth of photographs, so she can grow up each month.

28 thoughts on “9 Months

    • Haha! Thanks! Treats help tremendously. I bring out the good treats for photos because they are more motivating. Lunch meat, pieces of hot dog … people food. She will sit and stay for regular treats, but when I am teaching her something new, I need strong treats! πŸ™‚

    • Hey! Yeah, I’ll start putting it together in August so I can have it ready by late Oct/Nov. I wanted to do one this year, but it was just too late to start.

  1. Wow, Your dog is beautiful, and isn’t it interesting to see how many people love animal images, especially dogs.
    It’s always great to receive you work in my email. Unfortunately I need to step back from my photographic passion to not only move houses, but also to concentrate on my theme for my major.
    All the best, Adele

  2. Great photos jenni. congrats on the best of show!! Awesomeness. This dog has wonderful character i can see it in your pix.

  3. She’s beautiful. I’ve got two bitches one of which loves getting clicked and the other just finds the focus of the camera towards her and of course the flash light too amazes her.


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