Party Time!


The party is not at this abandoned gas station, or inside the empty camper, although I think this lot looks like a great place for a party — couple bands, food, a tent … Anyway, the party I will be attending this afternoon is at Becca’s. It is Tami’s birthday and they are having a little BBQ in the backyard. It is a gorgeous day here, sunny and warm. Finally!

8 thoughts on “Party Time!

  1. Yes! Beautiful day and 170 miles on the bike (now to chores …).
    In terms of the gas station, I pass these old, unused stations all the time when I ride and I always feel a bit sad. I imagine the people and the conversations. A place to get directions and catch up on the community news. The modern day convenience store and jumbo gas stations just aren’t the same.

    • 170 miles??!! Wow. You rock!! πŸ˜‰

      This gas station was in use a few years back, but I guess they just couldn’t make it. There is a newer corner store not even a half mile away. I think any little station in this locay is going to struggle unless it finds a nitch. I think they should throw lot parties!


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