The Boys of Great Wolf: Serious and at Play








This weekend, I took six 13-14 year olds to Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor waterpark. The boys slept in one room with my husband and the girls slept in another room with me. The boys were pretty well behaved, at least given their age. They all got rowdy at night–boys and girls. It is as if some switch was pulled at about 9 p.m. and they all went wild. There were periods in the late afternoon when they would relax and decompress. I called this the calm before the storm. That is when I chose to get the serious portraits. Cameron’s was a little later in the day, so the lighting was a bit more dusky. Overall, it was a fun weekend with the kids, and an experience to have boys for a whole weekend since I only have a daughter.

15 thoughts on “The Boys of Great Wolf: Serious and at Play

  1. Great series of photos, and I love the contrast you made between the introspective portraits and the boys at play. I particularly like your control of the light, especially Ethan, where you’ve turned his face a little more toward the light than Cameron. (If only you could control the Justin Bieber haircuts!) I also love the backgrounds in the first two portraits and was almost disappointed to learn that it’s simply a sofa in the image of Cody.

    • Haha! yes, those haircuts! 😀 I wanted each portrait to look a little different, and I learned something from each one. I did not bring a reflector with me, but by having them sit on the edge of the sofa, I was able to catch a little light bouncing off a nearby wall, and pull them away from the background, which was sucking up too much light. The pattern does make a great background! I wish I had a backdrop with that pattern! Thank you very much for your comments, and I appreciate you pointing out what really worked for you.

    • Thank you! Cody is the oldest, and he is sort of the leader of the group. Ethan really looks up to him. Cameron still has a lot of child in him. It was interesting getting to know their personalities better!

  2. This was really fun to see. Like Alan B above, I like the way you let us see both the serious and the playful sides of the boys. I liked Cody’s portrait best, partly seeing him at eye-level makes him look more mature, and partly because I like seeing how his posture played out. That candid of him is really neat – I kept trying to imagine it from a higher or lower angle, but it wouldn’t have been as good. And Cameron’s headshake was just perfectly timed.


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