Today, I continued playing with the idea of processing prints in Photoshop. So, the original photograph was done on film and printed in the darkroom. I scanned the print, opened it up in Photoshop, and the fun began. I converted the scan in Nik Silver Efex, a B&W plug-in. I also added textures and a few other things.


15 thoughts on “Kait

  1. I like the idea of printing traditionally then making a digital edit. A nice idea, will love to see more in the future to see if the images change over time as the process becomes more familiar to you.

    • Thanks! Yes, I’ve already learned a few things in just the past two experiments, and I also altered the textures this time. So I am looking forward to discovering new ways to play with it. 🙂

    • Appreciate your input! #3 seems to be the fav so far. That one I would have to print digitally, because of the color. I plan on printing the B&W in the darkroom … another experiment to come!

  2. hi Jennifer

    i have a double thank you, one for your follow which means a lot to this month old blogger and from an artist whose work i admire greatly. the second should have come sooner but i’m a little shy about self promotion.

    i wrote a poem last week, a dark poem about an acquaintance of mine and i wanted to erase all the identity clues. i needed a new facial image to focus on, one that conveyed what i was feeling and i happened across KATIE. she was perfect and i guess i’ll go against the grain and say the first shot of her, direct, a little hard edged was my favorite.

    so thank you for your perfectly timed and haunting shot of Katie.


    • Hey, thanks for the note and link! Enjoyed the poem. 🙂 The first shot was my favorite of the experiment as well, so I was very happy to read your note!


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