Click on image to buy a print.


Click on image to buy print.



Click on image to buy print.


Click on image to buy print.


Click on image to buy print.

0mag5Occasionally, I will be offering to sell prints of the photos on my blog. You click on the image and hopefully it will take you to a page where you can select a size and checkout. I will not be doing this for every photo. Just for certain images and series. I am testing out the idea of it.

Today, I discovered Google Reader is retiring. That was the pop up when I went to my reader page. I had just gotten started in collecting bookmarks, so I do not have many, but it is disappointing nonetheless. The reader makes it simple to check on certain blogs and sites. Some of you are on my reader because you do not show up in my feed. I will have to come up with another method … by July 1st. I wonder why they are retiring it? Seems as if it would be a popular feature.


20 thoughts on “Magnolias

  1. Wow, these are wonderful. The first one is perfect – the sepia, somehow “thoughtful”, the fourth one with the sun – that wasn’t easy, and it’s very effective. As for the Reader, I use the one on the WordPress site. It gets buggy on my netbook, and I wish you could delete as you go, like in your own email. Maybe there’s a way to do that; I don’t know. Some blogs (your included) I get in my email, but I follow too many to get them all there, so I like having a Reader on the WordPress site. I just wish it were better.

    • Thanks! For some reason, I thought the sepia went well with the magnolias. The one with the sun, well, I’m glad I did not go blind, lol. 😀 I wish the WordPress reader had a feature where you could at least put them into categories instead of all of them showing up at once.

  2. I think there is an alternate website that has already popped up to replace reader, it won’t port over your current subscriptions but it’ll be identical in terms of functionality… let me try to find the link and I’ll share it with you 🙂

  3. I’m so glad that you are finally selling some of your prints. You should, they are stunning! I treasure the 3 I have. I cannot wait to hang them in our new place after we move in 6 weeks!

      • Yes, indeed. We’ve been in this flat for 3 years and in the building for 6. Time to move on. We are on the hunt for a suitably shabby, old, and picturesque neighborhood within walking distance of cool places. We shall see how it progresses!


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