28 thoughts on “Spring

  1. I loved the top photo, until I saw the middle one. How perfectly stunning. It was 70 here on Sunday. This morning, I woke up to a light dusting of snow. No, it is not completely spring yet, but these photographs give me hope!

      • I hope you are, too! Yes, just a dusting. At least it is sunny right now! I guess I really shouldn’t complain. Where we live, just outside downtown, we’ve had maybe half a foot of snow total this season. Last year we had an inch. Nothing compared to most places. It has been cold and grey, except for the occasional warm spurt. I am over it, though, and am thoroughly ready for spring!

      • It has been light winter for snow here too, but cloudy and gloomy! Chilly today, but at least the sun is out. Only a few more weeks and we can bask in spring! 🙂

  2. Spring ,rebirth,change and beauty.Stupendous picture.Regards.jalal

  3. Magnolias! The cherries are starting here…that last magnolia bud has an ancient look, strange.They have to be a bit tough to make it this early, and that one shows it’s bruises.

    • Oh I can’t wait for the cherry trees! I like to photograph the whole cycle of budding and blooming and wilting. It happens very quickly. Yes, that last magnolia has a strange beauty, like it is really fighting!

      • I know what you mean about the whole cycle – and buds especially are always interesting. I have to figure out where to go – I’m still new here, and I don’t have a cherry tree spot. I noticed them by Trader Joe’s, but somehow I don’t think that very busy sidewalk is gonna work!

    • It has cooled off a little, but the weather forecast predicts a few warmer days, with some rain. I am so over this gloomy weather. A little sunlight goes a long way for me.


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