In Praise of a Brussel Sprout

Video by Didi Menendez

A video with a reading by the poet Denise Duhamel that uses my photographs. Denise Duhamel’s newest collection of poems is Blowout, University of Pittsburgh Press 2013.


I have been reading Denise Duhamel’s poetry for over ten years. The first collection I read was Kinky. I love the quirky humor in her poems that lends itself to more serious social and cultural issues. She has an amazing collage piece about 9-11 in her collection, Two by Two. It is one of the very best pieces of writing I have read on the subject. Her poetry is accessible yet experimental, innovative, and enjoyable to read.

10 thoughts on “In Praise of a Brussel Sprout

  1. Congratulations! Btw, I always say peace our brussel sprouts to my kids. It makes them smile and roll their eyes at me. Also, I like to eat them. Beautiful pictures, Jen. we’re both getting some success at the same time. *fist bump*

    • Thanks, Lance! Caroline loves brussel sprouts. I had to keep her from eating them as I photographed, lol. Your new book is on my iPad! I just dug in last night and will continue this evening. 🙂

  2. Say, twenty years ago, would yo ever have thought you’d see your photographs used in a video paean to Brussels sprouts? It’s great! And I still haven’t tried them that way – i must – but like the poem says, too often they are wallflowers in the produce aisle – I don’t see them.

    • Twenty years ago I would never imagined having the life I have now. To be very honest, it is much, much better than what I imagined back then. 🙂

      It is funny because Denise asked if I really grilled the brussel sprout! And yes I did. I wanted to photograph it in all of its grilled glory, lol. No fake food in my photos. 😉


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