Here comes the sun




The sun finally came out today! This morning, the girls wanted me to take photos. I have a feeling this is going to become more common as they get older. Poor Caroline (top photo), she has a rash on her face. It looks like an allergic reaction to some makeup. So we had to position her strategically to hide it. She asked if I could just photoshop it off, lol. Actually, I probablyΒ could but it would require some serious altering. I don’t mind touching up a blemish, but this was completely different. I would probably have to airbrush, and well, I’d rather not. So, we just worked around it and no touch ups were needed. Anyway, we did get out a bit today. It felt like spring.

35 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. Wonderful , the girls are lovely and you have done them proud with these excellent portraits. Love the top photo great pose great use of natural resources to overcome her rash. Hope she gets better soon

  2. They are each wonderful portraits, but I marvel at how you could pull off the bottom one – those strong shadows falling right across her face look really cool, but I would have thought the softness could not be retained. Wonderful!

    • Hey, thanks! Yeah that was a tricky shot. She was standing in the shadow and the most intense light was coming in directly through the blinds, where the sun was located. It blew out into stripes on her face, chin, and shirt. I could see the light on her skin, so it was just a matter of framing it the way I wanted, and getting the right exposure.

      • It has now been chilly and raining for 30+ hours. It is dull and grey. I am officially over this weather! I certainly hope the sun is showing itself in NC. πŸ™‚

      • I sincerely empathize with your weather situation. The sun is shining today, yay! We took Cuddles to the park and she went nuts. Caroline has been home 3 days from the rash, which turned out to be poison ivy of all things. She is terribly allergic to it, but I think she can return to school tomorrow.


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