Nobody’s Home

A few images of abandoned houses off my road. I often wonder what the story is to these places, why they were abandoned, who lived there … they are sort of like modern ruins. There are several more houses I want to photograph while it is still winter. The barrenness of the landscape seems to isolate these places even more.


0wh-1The house directly above is also peculiar because of the way it is positioned on the street–at an angle. It almost looks as if it was moved and just dropped there. Most likely, though, the street was paved around it in this way.

24 thoughts on “Nobody’s Home

    • Yes, they are fascinating. The white one looks like it could have been a nice little farmhouse at one time. It even has ornamental windows on either side of the front door, which suggests the person who built it (or had it built) put some attention into its appearance.

  1. there was an abandoned house tucked away right in the middle of the town i grew up in. very lovely, yellow, with lots of carved wood and old gnarled apple trees around it. of course, everybody was convinced that it was haunted. you could get in through the cellar door (and then run fast past the old tub, because the story went that was where they put the bodies). we made a really cheesy horror movie there when i was about fourteen, for drama class. sadly, they’ve torn it down now.

    i’d like to explore the white one.

  2. Your post speaks the reality which is been denied by many.People want to live today without planing for tomorrow.Its sad to tag theses modern ruins with past ruins .Warm wishes.jalal

  3. One spring Saturday morning, in the late 1960s, someone proudly purchased and installed that storm door. It was shiny and new, with perfect glass and screens. They opened and closed it a few extra times, paused to check the fit in the upper left corner with an index finger, then stepped inside to have lunch…I wonder what happened that person after that.

    • I wonder what happened too, Scott! Methinks you have a story to write. πŸ˜‰ My imagined story of the place is that a woman, Mildred, who is in her 80’s, lives near a highway in this house. The state tells her she has to move because they are building an overpass for a new subdivision. Well, Mildred has a heart condition (two heart attacks in two years), and at this point in her life, she just wants to be home. So, she decides to have the house moved instead. It is placed, awkwardly, on this piece of land. She is all settled in and something strange begins to happen: Mildred starts to grow younger. The lines on her face soften, her gray hair grows in chestnut, and within a few months, she looks like herself at the age of 35. Her health has even reversed–with the exception of her heart. She has a 35 year old body and an 80+ year old heart. Well, the doctors and scientists are scrambling for answers, and Mildred has to decide whether she wants to have the heart transplant that is suddenly available to her. Does she want to live her life again, outlive her children and maybe even her grandchildren? And what if she never ages? To stop time or to let nature take its course …

  4. Love, as always! That reminds me: I am starting again on my short story-you know the one-in a week. I have it penned onto my schedule. Completion date: mid-March. So excited. For real this time, by the way.

      • It looked like morning sun…they may have had true West as a guide “in light” of a summer sunset…it looks like it might be facing to the Northwest?

      • I think you are right … I have a terrible sense of direction, but it sounds correct to me! Makes it even more interesting as the person who built this house really put some thought into it!


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